Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Geek alert

Now some of you probably have guessed by now we are a little geeky. It is not a malaise nor will you catch it, but you can study hard for it. You can also signal to others that you are one... it is a bit like the handkerchief code, but with T-shirts and coffee mugs. To that end there are many places to get all the geeky accoutrement that signal to others of your kind, but by far one of the more diverse places is ThinkGeek.

Seriously where else will you get a tin of unicorn meat, a tie that says "Ties Suck" in binary code or an electronic butterfly in a jar... not to mention a host of other must haves. And with heady lures like these, He cruised around until he found the stuff of dreams. A way to find one in the shopping centre... which was rather cruel of Him as one heels beautifully. Anyway back to His little find. It is a t-shirt with a proximity alert on it. You both wear one and when the other person is in range it lights up.

Now let us not dwell too long how sad it is when couples go out wearing the same clothes... anyone in a long term relationship has probably done it. Hell even we have headed out the door, only to realise we are wearing the same colour combinations in a his and her format. Shudders just a little at that memory. Anyway one digresses... It was when watching this little video that one realised the BDSM potential of these T-shirts, which incidentally are on sale for under $10.

Think of the fun you could have hunting your slave with little stingy toys... the possibilities are endless.


littlemonkey said...

I myself have a plethora of geekpoints waiting for usage. This site is my primary gift giving go to web merchant. Persoanlly, I have my eye on the TaunTaun sleeping bag.

Master's piece said...

Well there is a T-shirt with the word "No" on it that one wouldn't mind. As always it won't change the outcome, but it will save the vocal chords :D

thesubmissivebf said...

(raising my hand) I am a total geeker. Love Star Wars, Star Trek, etc and I am proud to say I have raised my son to appreciate all of it. We have tons of Thinkgeek points.
For all of you out there...come to the dark side we have cookies!

Master's piece said...

... and there is a t-sirt to prove it :D