Friday, April 29, 2011


I liked your blog He says, small pearly white teeth gleaming. Did you? Yes. It didn't worry you that there wasn't a single thing there that didn't hurt? No. OK... See it is answers like that which seriously make one reconsider His whole "I am not a sadist" thing, and give him the "sadistic tendencies" rating.

Did you enjoy it He asked. Um which part of it hurt didn't you hear? Oh I heard it, but did it arouse you? Well sort of, but... See, you enjoyed it He said, in that soothing slightly hypnotic tone that is used when He is massaging your mind. Jedi mind tricks... so on to you (not that it actually changes the outcome).

Oh right, so this was for one's own good. Yes, how else are you going to toughen up? Well you could have started with one of the nicer floggers and worked your way back up over time. Well I could have. It just didn't occur to you? He gave one a blank look. Oh right, it was just on top of the pile and the first one your hand hit.

Makes mental note... rearrange the pile before next Thursday. Not really supposed to touch His toys, but dusting is different... right?


littlemonkey said...

A little dusting incident?

Ooops. Look, I accidentally knocked over that pile of toys, silly me. Let me pick those up for you. *grinz*

Master's piece said...

Well it has to be less obvious than putting them in a safe place surely?

Lashes and Leashes said...

Yes dust is a problem. Perhaps 10 lashes of each of the 15 odd implements will get the dust out and save you the effort.

Dina said...

~laughs and laughs~

Your whole "keeping the t-shirt on" routine was so hysterically funny in its sheer, utterly naive, cheekiness, that I couldn've been bothered to muster up any sort of sympathy (or imitation thereof) after it.

Master's piece said...

Well it's not like the damn t-shirt was going to cover the target... and there was no need for more unnecessary suffering :P