Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A day in the life

Well today we went to pick up the new beast... of course it wasn't ready, so we ended up scampering into town to pick up the car from its sleepover at the mechanics. Honestly that car is getting to be as bad as the Rottweiler that one had a few years ago. It had a mad crush on the vet and would fake a bad hip to go and see him.

You have never seen anything as pathetic as that poor dog unable to put any weight on its back leg. Right up until you pulled into the vets driveway and opened the door. Then it had the most miraculous recovery as it bowled past any fool who opened the door to the surgery. Anyway back to the car... same problems as before... so back it went. May one just add that unlike the dog, the cars crush doesn't seem to reciprocate the feeling... in fact he seems to dread seeing the damn thing.

We arrived home in time to pick up the new computer and He got to spend hours installing all those geeky accoutrements that make life workable. And may one just take a moment to say how awesome it is to not have the computer just shut down at completely random intervals. Well not completely random... it had impeccable timing for when you were just about to hit save and beating you to it L


Mockingbird said...

That is the cutest story about a rottweiler I've ever heard lol

Malcolm said...

One of our dogs (not so intelligent as your Rottweiler, I'm afraid) is a good actor, too. If I want to get out of the gate with my bike, he will notice my intention, keep well clear and pretend to be very interested in sniffing the garbage heap; then as soon as the gate is opened wide enough to let me out, he makes a mad dash for it and usually succeeds in escaping, to run wild in the neighbourhood, scare everyone's chickens and generally have a good time.

Dogs are really the most interesting pets. I would love to have a quality dog like yours, but hard to keep them alive here. Did you find your Rottweiler a good family dog?

Biddable said...

Our van needs to go see its doctor, too. Goddamn wiper blades still aren't working properly.

Master's piece said...

The Rottweiler was originally bred to guard sheep and later used to pull firetrucks. As a breed they are smart, very lazy, love comfort and are notoriously picky eaters. They are, providing they been well bred, great with children and very good guard dogs. They will let anything in... they just won't let them back out :D