Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Well one met up for coffee with the new friend and guess what? Spiffy glasses girl barely cleared the shop before blabbing. Now this doesn't really worry one at all because while it was not something one particularly wanted to discuss with a new friend, it wasn't exactly a state secret. If you want one of those you don't wear a collar 24/7... though one suspects He is occasionally surprised by the sheer volume of public recognition one receives.

It does however highlight how utterly insensitive some are to others. For all she knew this could have been a secret, or at the very least something one was unwilling to discuss and there she was... babbling away. Now it could be that as a person she has no idea of boundaries, or confidentiality. It could just be that as a scene person she just dances to the beat of a different drum... which they do seem to do.

As a group the O/p crowd seem to tend towards being more private (there are one or two notable exceptions) and seem more inclined towards avatars of things other than themselves... well their faces at any rate. On Fet when you cruise around the sceners it is fascinating how many of them have face pictures up. Nice clear ones, along with pics of what they were doing last Saturday night. This seems to be particularly true of those living in this state one has noticed.

Now this leads one to wonder if it is because when you are part of the scene, it simply pays to advertise. You need to be in it and out there to be part of it... to get the invites, to hook up, to get cred. That or because they are a bit like a sorority, they simply regard places like Fet rather like a large munch. Which of course does make one wonder if they give any thought to security or privacy at all. It may be that they simply see what they do as exercising their right to sexual freedom and not worry about this at all.

Ponders this, while forming a list of questions for spiffy glasses girl next week. She is supposed to be joining us for coffee and a work out... J


B. Iddy said...

Are you insinuating that I am not, in fact, Veronica Lodge?

Master's piece said...

Oh,if you feel that you are...

Malcolm said...

I know I have to try to remember that people don't always want to be public. I make no attempt to disguise myself because I want to live my life as openly as possible, but I realise some find it necessary not to be identified.