Sunday, September 11, 2011

128 Rules...

Or one man's desire to become known as a dick... you decide.

For many years there has been the 128 Rules floating around. They have changed names over the years; 128 Basic Slave Rules, 128 Rules for Female Slaves etc, but the rules themselves haven't changed that much. Though it is worth noting that there has been more and more disclaimers added over time. That and handy guides about how to interpret and read them... oddly enough none of which include instructions on how to stop giggling, but that is neither here nor there for the moment.

When we started out many moons ago we came across the slave rules the same way most do... by accident. Reading through them one was at first disconcerted and then amused. They were obviously written by someone out to have a laugh...

"The eating of my Master's cum will be counted as one of my meals."
That had to be a joke right? We have sex three times a day sometimes... at that rate one was never going to get a square meal ever again. Of course he does have another rule stating the importance of carbohydrates as part of a balanced diet... maybe Master could cum on a slice of bread :)

i must never tighten my body when it is being whipped, caned, cropped, slapped, paddled, belted, strapped, spanked, bullwhipped, signal whipped, or anally or vaginally pumped." 
Yeah still trying to figure that one out... maybe one just isn't enough of a pain slut. The idea of half that stuff makes one cringe, even before it gets used on one's naked flesh.

"i may use a towel to dry off, but in my Master's house - only His whip shall be used to dry me"
Well that is just disturbing 'cos round here there isn't room to swing a whip and our tiles are slippery when wet. That rule is just potentially downright dangerous... especially to someone who likes to shower twice a day.

Needless to say those rules were passed over rather hurriedly by both of us... You know in hindsight one suspects it was the idea of being licked dry (another handy rule) that sealed the deal for Him. Probably that, and the thought of listening to one small slave whine about being hungry for the next few years. Anyway, as you do with things on the net, it was forgotten for some years except as an internet prank.

So it was with great surprise that during the course of a thread on the validity of such rules in an O/p relationship, that the author himself decloaked in our midst. Even more surprising was that the man was quite serious about his rules, and was shocked that no one wanted to acknowledge his obvious great gift to us. Needless to say it got ugly... See that is the trouble with gifts generally, they set up these expectations of gratitude and let's be honest... no one likes socks that much.

Make no mistake one suspects those rules were written originally with the intent to help. There was so little written for M/s people and along he came with this simple idea... write down some rules. The trouble is when you set things up as rules and write them in an authoritative, absolutist manner using language like you must, will, only... and then start prefacing them with instructions to read them out loud softly in a quiet place and memorise them, you can't then claim they are only hints or suggestions in the next breath when people start to question your authority or validity.

It is one of those either or things. They are rules or they are suggestions. You can't have it each way, any more than you can defend your writing all over the net in a rude aggressive manner, without it being at the cost of whatever respect you may have garnered over the years. See the sad thing is those rules have gained him a measure of public exposure and recognition, and a following. He is X who wrote the 128 Slave Rules.

He is a public figure because of them, and as time has gone on he has received as much criticism as adulation for those rules. Not because they are stupid, but because he has set them up as an authoritative source in absolutist language, rather than something fun to try. There are copies of them all over the net, on web sites and on blogs, and they have come under a lot of scrutiny. Now rather than consider that some of the detractors might have had some valid points, he has become personally invested in defending them.

Rather than reading the thread in the group and going oh... they don't think it's valid for their lives... whatevs... He strode in and berated people for not coming up with something better, which utterly ignored the fact that our group members are somewhat counterculture in their leanings, and unlikely to look favourably upon lists of rules of any kind, regardless of whom wrote them. He then finished off his little visit by telling some members that they obviously weren't at that stage of submission yet.

Yeah gotta say no we are not and you know something? That's OK... whatevs and all that :)


little monkey said...

Rules for the rule breakers....what a concept.

impy said...

I've seen them and his waffling. He's just ridiculous and stupid.

B. Iddy said...

He also ignored the fact that the group members had come up with something better - their relationships. You know, the very ones that he claimed they couldn't have formed without internet guides telling them how to go about doing so.

Unknown said...


You mean you don't follow those rules? How dare you use your own common sense. You're not twue..

Storm said...

Uhhh, there's 128 rules? How the hell are you supposed to remember them all? If I got Alzheimer's, that would be the first thing going lol.

Unknown said...

Who needs alzheimers? I'm just a silly female who needs a big strong man to handle these complicated things for me.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it...
Who needs alzheimers? I'm just a silly female who needs a big strong man to handle these complicated things for me.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it...