Monday, September 12, 2011

Deviant Outlets

To the right of the page is a list of people whose services we have used, in some cases for years, without hassles of any kind. In the age of the online retailer it is often a bit of a crap shoot when you order things, so one thought these guys should get a special mention for outstanding service. If you can get things from half way around the world, often with more than one postal system involved, in a speedy manner you are ahead of the race. To actually get the right thing in one piece under these circumstances is nothing short of miraculous.

On that list are companies like Downunder Toys who are the go to people in Australia if you want to get a Magic Wand clone that is compatible with our power. After trying for ages to get Hitachi to come to the party they gave up and created one of their own. And having both one can say they are damned close... the Medisil Wand does the job just as well. They are also a great place to get a transformer for all those American toys that require a power source. We have had one of theirs for a while now and have never had any problems.

House of Collars has provided us with two collars over the years now. They are fast, efficient, inexpensive and have a good range of sizes including half sizes. See the sad truth is we change body shape, and if your slave exercises the chances are you are going to need more than one collar over time. It is something to think about before you rush out and buy that expensive custom made one of a kind collar... Mind you if you do then you can't beat Vad Farkas at Ring of Steel. He has done a lot of work for friends over the years and there has never been an issue, as his workmanship and service is superb.

The rest... well they have been well documented here in the 10 months this blog has been going, so they need no further introduction J

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