Friday, September 16, 2011

Be the best you can be

While convalescing we caught up with some TV... shows we follow but wait until we have a season of and shows we just caught randomly. One of those was "Louis Theroux: Under the knife" and his exploration of plastic surgery. Now as a presenter he brings in a lot of personal bias... well it is his world view that we are seeing. To be honest one suspects this particular episode could have been more interesting if there had been a few before shots, as well as the (in a couple of cases) slightly freakish end results.

In spite of this flaw it made for engaging TV. It was not the reasons why people throw themselves under the knife or the graphic footage... be warned should you ever catch the episode... or even the end results that made it thought provoking. To be honest it was one's own reactions to the whole thing that was the surprise. Seriously INTJ's don't usually have much of an emotional response to things...

Generally one has no issue with the idea of plastic surgery. Apart from that whole feeling of revulsion that sharpies and pointies generally... OK squeamish is the word for the day here... engender of course. Would one ever do it? Probably not. And after watching that one would have to say one was even less inclined... there is a reason one avoids medical shows L

Yes it would be nice to have more perk in the breasts, but dammit they are F cups. Perk is just not going to happen naturally. Would one want to have nipples removed, repositioned and replaced to achieve it? Umm... no. Those nipples are a great source of erotic pleasure. Something they wouldn't be after that... anyway one digresses.

What really disturbed one was the women who underwent the procedures because her on again off again partner, and at one stage fiancée, had gone again. She wanted to be better... she wanted a fresh start; all admirable goals under the circumstances. Ones that were being actively encouraged by her rather expensive personal stylist. So off she trotted, at great personal expense, to be the best she could be...

The end result was pretty good... she didn't look too freakish or unnatural.... though one suspects that if her personal stylist had been less pro surgery and more work with what we have, the results could have been just as good. Though, as the stylist pointed out, she wouldn't have looked as good when naked. Anyway that little niggle aside... the disturbing bit was the re-emergence of the boyfriend. Who took one look at her and graciously accepted her back. And she seemed thrilled... and off they skipped into the sunset.

That was disturbing... even more disturbing than the surgery, but for different reasons. See one can't imagine why you would want him back. No one is that good in bed surely? Why would you want to give someone another go when they have proved to be that feckless and shallow? He's had eight years to step up... why give him the honour now? You know what he is like, he hasn't changed, and he obviously hasn't become a better person...

Now one small slave lives with someone who likes to tweak the image, girl it up and generally do a bit of a Pygmalion on her. But He has never, ever, made one feel that inadequate in any way. He accepts the body the way it is and loves it unconditionally. In fact He prefers it naked... or at least heading in that direction... in spite of all its little imperfections.

See the surprise of that show was not being made to feel slightly creeped out. The surprise was that it made one feel incredibly grateful for the wonderful person who owns one's arse. It would seem He has a rare gift. He can make a woman feel beautiful... and that is priceless.