Friday, September 2, 2011

The domestic

They sat there talking quietly until he said something that set her off. It grew more animated as we drove along, spilling into hot, short words that bit back and forth as we neared the train station. As we pulled up he stood to leave, and she shot white hot angry words at his retreating back. He got off and looked around, seeming surprised that she hadn't followed him off the bus.

He stood there a moment... angry and nonplussed. Hesitating he paused, before striding back on the bus.
I'm not going with you. Piss off!
He left telling her to get off the bus. She sat there mute with rage before mouthing we're over at him through the glass, while he shouted at her to get off the fucking bus.

The bus started to pull out and realising that it was leaving with her on it, he charged at the bus in an impotent rage. The driver hauled arse... and we almost made it to the end of the platform before she got up like a whipped dog and asked the bus driver to let her off the bus, before slowly walking back to him...

I can't believe she got off exclaimed one passenger as we drove off. I hate travelling with those two exclaimed another. It always ends up in a fight. You're kidding pipped up someone else. Oh no that happens all the time. It's so bad you just try not to make eye contact in case they both turn on you. They deserve each other.

Conversations carried on back and forth in this manner, and the entire time one sat there wondering how people can ever confuse that with a BDSM relationship... 'cos they look nothing alike.

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