Saturday, September 10, 2011

Burgundy ambition

Until today the act of showering, shaving and shampooing was enough to send one back to bed for breakfast and a three hour nap. It's what the body does when it is recovering... cellular regeneration happens when we are asleep. Besides that took up any precious reserves of energy the body had lying around. Today was going to be different. 

One small slave was going to tackle restoring the laundry cupboard, which had to be emptied for the plumbers, to its former... well... stuffed to the gills state. See Ratty from "Wind in the Willows" is a personal hero. That rat had a pantry for all occasions and one does try to emulate his wisdom... it just extends to all types of pantries including laundry/ bathroom supplies. So it seemed simple enough, curl up on the floor and put stuff back. Master said yes... for a change... and went out to get lunch.

Of course He left the back door open and the cat made a run for the bed so one had to field that. The process involved moving the crates of laundry stuff, while clutching the vile, wriggling beast and balancing on one foot. This left one tired enough to retire to a chair for a few minutes to recover. Fortified, one hobbled back to the laundry to tackle the cupboard, which now seemed much larger than one remembered.

Of course as one peered in it the realisation dawned that it would have to be cleaned first... so off one toddled to get cleaners and do the job. This left one in need of another sit down before one could sit down and actually do the job. Happily sorting through the crates, yes the love of order and neatness is an affliction, but one that gives some of us a simple pleasure, one happened upon His water gun. That was put to one side... well back in the crate.

Coming in through the door He spied it and said I see you've thrown out my gun.
No, just put it on the consideration pile. If you can come up with two good reasons to keep it... the voice trailed off there. Hey one of the things being in sales teaches you is how to apply pressure J
Fine, He said if I want to play predator and prey I will need it. It will also come in handy if our enema equipment is dirty. 
Now you have to imagine these reasons accompanied by those wonderful little pantomimes He does so well. 
Standing there one was less than convinced, after all we have more different types of enema equipment than the average hospital. Keep it if you want one said hobbling back to bed.

As He came past the bedroom, heading towards the rubbish bins with the rejects, he had the water gun in his hand. Are you going to get rid of it one asked?
Yes, I think I will. There are so many better ones on the market now and I think I might upgrade it for something with more reach. It might be fun to chase you round the yard with it... or better still the pool yard.
You know shooting rats in a barrel came to mind L


Unknown said...

At least it isn't a bean-bag gun. :D

Master's piece said...

You just had to put that out there didn't you :(