Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We had such plans

This holiday was started with such plans and trepidations... mainly due to His plans. Now as we near the end, with just one week to go, it is safe to say things didn't quite work out. Well not the way that was intended at any rate. See we both found out who is really in charge in this relationship... He might be the boss of one small slave, but even he bends to a greater authority. Err... that would be our bodies people, not some faceless deity.

The foot surgery has taken more recovery time than anticipated. Mostly due to anaesthetics one suspects. Well that combined with age. There is something slightly humiliating about needing a three hour nap each day, particularly when you were out cold by 10 ish the night before L

There has also been the added complication that the follow up visit that was supposed to be done in ten days after the surgery... Oh sorry...  we can get you in umm... well a fortnight from now. That isn't good enough... will be back at work by then and can't get a bloody shoe on with all this bandage. Oh... we'll call you back. Guess who had to chase their arses down... and the outcome? Two days before one is due to go back they can squeeze one in just before nine.

It means that the entire holiday has been spent with a huge bandage stuck on the foot, having to bag the damn thing every time one wants a shower, no shoes (which makes going anywhere damned difficult), and a foot that is going to have very little time to regain the flexibility it is going to need to be able to walk around. See the sad fact is with it all taped and strapped up... the gait isn't exactly natural. The ankle that was sprained can bear testament to that... it is a sore as buggery by the time one drifts off at night from all the extra work it is doing.

Meanwhile He, poor little trooper that he is, has been bearing the lion share of all things domestic... something that is not a natural state at all. May one just take a moment to say how fabulous He has been. Not only has He been quite creative in the kitchen, but he has actually cleaned up afterwards. Which any domestic person can tell you is a drag when you are cranking out three meals a day. Particularly while on holiday... for some reason housework doesn't seem to take time off.

All of this has been done with the double burden of being as sick as a dog. Unfortunately the Metformin has kicked Him in the arse brutally and relentlessly. Worst of all He has stopped losing weight altogether on it, rather than having the accelerated loss that it is supposed to do while bringing your blood sugar levels down. It has been so bad that He has decided to stop taking it for a couple of weeks and see what happens.

So here we are... tired, beaten by our bodies and wondering how in the fuck we have ended up having less sex than we manage to squeeze in during a working week. This has been some holiday. One we are sure to remember... even if it doesn't have a thousand pictures to commemorate it L

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