Monday, September 26, 2011

Negotiations... looking glass style

The day started off with a vicious minus (migraine/ sinus combo) headache and a complete inability to find suitable drugs... the little fuckers hide themselves deliberately. Anyway resorting to analgesics and antihistamines, one drank coffee and whined to friends on the net until it was time to take more pills. At times like this the need for carbs becomes a steady gnawing ache and He took pity on one small slave... well it was more opportunistic than that, but let's call it pity for now.

What are you prepared to do for the chips...
And a peppermint ice cream one interjected hopefully.
... and ice cream He asked in that soothing, sympathetic voice.
Umm... well one will have a shower and stop whining.
Oh I think you can do better than that He said.
What did you have in mind, one enquired cautiously?
Oh I think a large butt plug to take your mind off things... you can go and put it in while I'm getting dressed.

Muttering gracefully under the breath one hobbled off to the shower, and after using more than the allotted four minutes one emerged clean and plugged.
Show me He said. Oh green... it will match the ice cream.
So off one hobbled to the bedroom ready to receive the promised treats. Curling up on the bed next to one His hand reached out. Please don't push it... it hurts when you do that.
Ah, but it's mine. I can if I want to... poke, poke, pull, poke
Yeah get that, which is why one said please... you know as in please don't.
Oh, but you didn't sound serious when you said it He replied.
Oh what, you want one to beg?
I don't think you know how to He said.
Well one could try... if it would actually change the outcome.
Nope don't think it would to be honest He said, sounding all kinds of smug.
Yeah well in that case one is not going to debase oneself trying to find out.

Honestly the price of a bag of chips and an ice cream is awfully steep around here if you factor in the taking advantage of a person... an injured, sick person might one add. In fact one is sure it is some sort of abuse. Now admittedly one did spend the rest of the afternoon snoozing off the carb fest, analgesic combination... but dammit the sheets had crumbs. One small slave makes that princess out of "The Princess and the Pea" seem positively thick skinned by comparison. The skin can find micro crumbs... that has to count as abuse right?
Grumbles no it doesn't make one a princess... just sensitive.


Vixen4770 said...

Don't whine about crumbs that are your fault, after all you asked for the carb-fest, did you not?

Master's piece said...

And where do you think He brushes his crumbs? Those things don't arrive by accident... it is deliberate warfare on His part :(