Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stupid people

Dedicated to lil and all those out there with mother in laws... actually family in general

His mother's doctor wanted another go at fixing her heart. She was given the choice of two dates; now or after Christmas. Chatting about it one suggested that after Christmas would be better as the foot would be healed and it would coincide with her daughter's holidays, just in case anything went wrong...

Of course she elected to get it done this week. Her daughter was going to come down for a couple of days and everything was going to be fine. They had it sorted between them...

Guess what? Something went wrong and now her stupid cunt of a daughter has to go back up north. Her idiot husband needs her there when he has his job interview. As if that will make any difference to the outcome; though there is a better chance that he will make it to the interview. And she is due back at work soon. And, and, and... You are getting the idea.

This means we are going to be left with His mother's long term rehabilitation when we cannot get any more time off work. His place is so short staffed that it isn't an option and meanwhile one is supposed to be doing extra shifts this week as we are about to move. It's all hands on deck... no exceptions.

So we have to get His father, who is disabled, into emergency respite care on short notice because there is no way one can look after both of them with this foot and ankle, and go to work. Not only does this mean sending His father to a place he has never been before and will hate every minute of (trust one on that), but getting him into an overloaded bureaucratic system.
And all of this has to be done by Wednesday when she swans off into the wide blue yonder.
The same day we go back into work rotation. 

Honestly one could just smother His mother as she lies on her hospital bed. A place she will probably be until... you guessed it. Wednesday!
Except they would revive her... they have the skill and the technology.

But everything will be fine. His sister is cooking food for the freezer before she goes.
And you know something, at the moment one is hostile enough to actually feed whatever crap she makes to His mother, when one gets home at 9pm at night. Not sure what she is going to do for lunch exactly... or how she is going to get it.

But everything will be fine. 

So lil about that gas money... wanna trade J


Dina said...

Stupid people

Unfortunately, and most of them as well. :|

Storm said...

Well...Uh, how long is the recuperation time on that?
Nope, absolutely not. I do not wish to trade.

After recuperation? Unless yours is a schizophrenic without meds, once tried to strangle you, and stood at the top of your property screaming you are a whore at the top of her lungs, I think we could probably work out a trade...But not until yours is recuperated lol.

I say feed her whatever her daughter cooked. She's earned it! Just resist the urge to smother her at the hospital--like you said, they will save her and it would probably add to her recuperation time which would be a real crime.