Friday, September 30, 2011

Sleep interrupted

At the moment the council is improving our water supply. This means that the water is being shut off at night between the hours of 9pm and 6am. Now no one is sure what they are doing exactly, but they are doing it very industriously... think large groups of men and machines, making lots of noise here people. Anyway inconclusive results aside, the upshot is that in our little household it has created havoc because one of us doesn't arise until 10 pm and on the night chosen for us, one small slave doesn't get home until just before 9pm.

As one was hobbling home, nursing the beginnings of a bad sinus headache (so hate this time of the year) one spied them congregating in one of the side streets. Even without them doing anything the noise was horrible. Thinking you poor bastards stuck with that lot outside your house all night, one hustled up the hill dreaming of analgesics and antihistamines. Such are the dreams of a slave at the end of a day...

Flinging oneself inside the shower with just minutes to spare, one immersed the body in glorious, steaming hot water... for the few precious moments that one had. Emerging one made Him lunch, and nursed a nice cup of tea until he got up for breakfast. After which one meandered off to bed for a whole six and a half hours of sleep, as one had to get up at 5.30am for what was to turn out to be a ten hour shift at work.

So you can imagine the delight one experienced when awoken by the sound of tarmac being scraped off the road by large machines at 4am. Yes, they had moved... to our corner. Of course not content to just make hideous noises, they had to have shouted conversations... 'cos you need to discuss your weekend plans over your large engines, noise and confusion.

To add insult to injury one of them insisted on whistling while he worked. A particularly loud whistle of no discernable musical merit might one add. May he find a special place in some outer ring of hell for the rest of his existence. Perhaps he might end up where muzak goes to die... it would seem fair.

And for the record... all those freaking TV channels, and the only thing on at 4am is Inspector Morse... again L


Unknown said...

That sort of thing will get you shot in the US. Promise.

Master's piece said...

Wonders idly if they could just be packed up in a crate and sent there... pretty sure the neighbours would contribute to the "holiday fund".

Unknown said...

Oh goody! Target practice.