Saturday, September 17, 2011

Like a super trouper

It is a little known fact that this country is obsessed with ABBA. Now there are some cultural clues; movies like "Muriel's Wedding" and the fact that there are probably more tribute bands per capita than any other place in the world being two of them. Growing up as a child they were huge. Something that country seemed to let go of unlike this one.

Nevertheless growing up there was always heated debate about who the best singer was and who the most attractive member was. Most people used to come down on the side of Agnetha for the female lead and Bjorn out of the men. Personally one preferred Frida and thought he looked like a small monkey. Sighs... see one was never going to be great at the whole straight sexual thing... even at that age. Mind you one was sleeping with a girl friend at the time so... anyway back to ABBA.

So while one was curled up on the bed listening to Max they had one of those quickie countdown things on with ABBA as the featured band. Wandering in He pointed out that "Waterloo" was voted as the perfect piece of music by some group who know about that sort of stuff. Mind you if you have ever read Cannon literatures you will understand those people don't always know as much as people like to think. Having dropped that little gem of knowledge He wandered back out leaving one with Super Trouper.

This was the ultimate act of sadism because several days later one is still humming it in the mind. It is like a virus that you can't shake off. It keeps coming back for another stab at you when you think you are finally free of the damn thing. A fact that one was bemoaning to Him over breakfast L

You know what it's about don't you, He asked in that smug Scorpio know it all voice.
It's actually about something?
A super trouper is the name of those big single spotlights He replied
Ohhh... OMG those inane lyrics actually make sense. 

Not that the knowledge will get the song out of your head, though it may help ease the pain if you know that those sorts of songs are known as earworms J

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