Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sun, sand and sex shops

We set off in blazing sunshine and cloudless blue skies to go the coast for coffee. To be honest getting ready was a primer for the nap one took on the trip there. Hey it's a skill... and one has never ever arrived at a destination anything other than fresh as a daisy... engines must change as they reach their destination because 5-10 minutes before arriving up one pops J Of course it makes one a lousy travel companion, but no system is perfect... anyway one digresses as always.

We actually went there to meet someone from Fet which is always an interesting thing to do. Sometimes they are just like you imagined, and sometimes they are an unknown quality. In this case we met a charming man who was bright, articulate and with a wicked sense of humour. So it turned into an indolent coffee and cake thing, overlooking this fabulous view, and a promise to do this again. See he is a keen photographer too... this isn't going to end well for one small slave is it? L

Anyway while we were there we explored the local sex shop. As a rule the Totally Adult shops are far too naughty nice girl for our tastes, but the one at Caloundra was a bit different... judging by the haul He trotted out with. The staff was fabulously helpful and funny... and friendly. So if you are ever up that way take five minutes to drop in there.

One of the smaller things that followed us home was a Wanachi... which one will write about after breakfast. So there is more to come for the day... this was just a primer J

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