Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The day of firsts

Well this morning the only thing that hurt was the bloody throat. That's right they cut out the Morton's neuroma, which according to the doctor was so large it almost sprang out in its efforts to escape the confines of the foot, and the only thing that is sore is the throat. Meanwhile the neuroma is away being biopsied just in case and the doctor is amazed that one could walk at all. So here we are convalescing...

Yeah, this redefines tedious for the record. We were on the couch and He turns with a knowing smile and says are you bored yet? Oh hell yes. He laughed. The bastard!

Mind you there were some interesting moments...

He went out the other day and bought himself a food processor, with the perfectly logical excuse that all of the recipe books seemed to assume you have one. Now some of us have coped without one for the last 40 odd years of cooking, but who is one to deny a man his first kitchen appliance... especially when He is paying for it. And what did He make with his new toy you may be wondering? Breadcrumbs, He made breadcrumbs.

See the sad truth is that due to assorted little allergies most of our food has to be made from scratch. It is the only way you can control what is in the damn stuff. It means that convenience food is not found in our freezer very often... nor eaten for that matter. On the bright side it does mean that although the food is time consuming, it is very fresh and tasty.

He then proceeded to make veal stuffed with ham, mustard and Swiss cheese, and rolled up, crumbed and sautéed in butter. This dish has some very posh sounding name in French, though the cook book is too far away to hobble to, but essentially they are a version of a veal roulade. Now He did get a bit of a hand with those ... it was the first meal we have ever made together... because they are fiddly to make. As He discovered when he crumbed not only his veal, but most of his fingers. He looked like a cat when they get their paws wet J

They were unbelievably tasty too... and as one snuggled up to Him after dinner one made an interesting discovery. Being fed makes one feel exactly like being well fucked. That is to say affectionate, sated and relaxed. It would seem that Hobbit might have been right, at heart one is an alley cat, you just need a saucer of cream. 


Vixen4770 said...

Oh I dunno, I think other things are sore besides the throat after one is well fucked, are they not?

salixisme said...

I hope the throat and the foot are better soon.

As for the having to make stuff from scratch due to allergies - I am with you there.

Do you know just how much ready prepared food contains dairy in one form or another? We can't even buy most bread because so much of it contains either butter, whey, lactose or just plain milk!

And don't get me started on soya cheese that contains whey!!!! WHY ON EARTH would they make a cheese substitute that is not dairy free????

Master's piece said...

Kicks Vixen4770

@salixisme Oh one so does hear you on the add ins. See here the issue is soy, which is in everything. Honestly how hard is it to make bread without shoving soy in it?

Vixen4770 said...

Remember dear, once the skin closes a bit on your incision, vitamin E oil will make the scaring minimal.

*huge hugs*Remember dear, once the skin closes a bit on your incision, vitamin E oil will make the scaring minimal.

*huge hugs*