Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Forgetting what we are

Sometimes when we do a series of pictures or a review, one puts some alternate pictures up on Fet. Not often... just some of the more entertaining stuff... mainly so friends who have an assortment of difficulties using Blogger can have a giggle or scream red. And it is amazing how so many, who don't have a safe word, will find their voice to scream that word. Actually one has even used it occasionally... for all the good it does, but that is another story.

Anyway for some reason the MEO locking plug caused quite a stir. From friends of friends even... and there was a singular lack of enthusiasm by and large. Which one gets. Anal is not everyone's cup of tea. According to the Cosmo Sex Census "Is Anal Sex Still a Taboo" Cosmopolitan October 2011: 128, only 8% of women actually like it. Honestly you're doing it wrong... you must be, but again that is another story too.

No what this is about, is the amount of friends who took one look at it and went off screaming variations of the no sentiment. Strangely most of them have someone in their life that owns their arse. Many of them hang out in the group and well... no doesn't seem to be an option. Well it is if you like your no with a side of coercion, and to be honest one suspects some do. They are no more going to get away with the no word than one small slave is... unless the person hearing it agrees with them.

You read of these slaves who are obedient and well trained and one looks at them and thinks... how do they do it? High protocol with firm lines in the sand, a more obliging nature than one will ever possess? Some little drive to serve, more frequent maintenance beatings? Better brain washing techniques... nicer dispositions? Actually that one wouldn't be hard, particularly before coffee.

By comparison to many of those we look like rabble... in fact it is an accusation that has been levelled at more than one of our group at various times. Usually when they are out calling someone on their shit. Seriously what sort of a moron actually expects to be addressed by their self appointed title, and expects the person using it to keep a straight face and adopt a respectful tone? Anyway one digresses...

See many of us have quite long leashes. We run as far as we can, until someone yanks on it to bring us back in. Sometimes one does wonder if our longer leash allows us to forget what we are. We look at those sorts of pictures screaming red and declaring no way... forgetting that it is just as likely to turn up in a nice plain brown box... right on our doorstep. It isn't something that we have a choice on. We get to keep the illusion that no means no, while our owners are ordering the damn things off the net. 

It's done that way so that our owners can see the dawning realisation in our eyes that our illusions are just that L
Bastards... sadistic bastards!


Vixen4770 said...

I am not a slave

...say it with me...

I am NOT a slave

kaya said...

"is if you like your no with a side of coercion, and to be honest one suspects some do."


Not me, of course (cough).

But I can think of some who are practically SHOUTING that out- and the other party is. not. hearing.

Honestly though, I know he could order one of them there ass destroying toys. Hell, it didn't take long for him to go for the njoy- and the large, no less, thanks to you. (I owe you so so much. You have no idea.)

I just figure he's going to do it -or not- no matter if I'm on board or not, so why not be honest with my thoughts and run around screaming the safeword that I don't have. At least it amuses him. ;-)

Melody said...

Yep. Thanks for this post. You are absolutely right, of course, and I, for one, needed the reminder and the reality check. We can front all we want, but we are what we are. Owned slaves. Under our Master's power, and subject to their every whim, whether it hurts us or not. Because our purpose is to serve, to belong, and sometimes our pain is their pleasure and satisfaction. The fact of the matter is that I have no control over what goes into my ass or any other hole in my body. I just like to balk at pictures and be inwardly thankful that it isn't MY Master ordering the MEO stuff online. I forget what a lucky slave I am sometimes!


Owl said...

I like my no with a side of coercion (bahaha....that was great)

the only reason I scream no is that I like being forced to do things I don't want to do. The word "no" means nothing in this house. Actually, he saw me commenting and said "that's cute that you think you can stop me. I might just buy that."

And he will, if he feels like it.