Thursday, September 29, 2011

Saving water

Preparing to get ready for the working grind one hobbled off to the shower. I'll be right behind you, He said with a lascivious smile. He stood with the door open, masturbating while one showered and shampooed... watching suds slipping on skin as one washed curves and crevices. When the conditioner was on, He made his move.

Pinning one up against the wet tiles, He stood behind spreading arse cheeks apart to give him better access. Pressing the head of his cock against one's arse He leant against it, slowly forcing it to open for him. With slow rhythmic strokes He fucked it as water drummed against our skin. Finally with a quick thrust He came.

Stepping fully into the shower He manoeuvred one out from under the water. In the wink of an eye one was deposited on the other side of the glass door. Frankly, not much cleaner than when one started. Damn Him and his superior size L

See it's not the toothpaste that attracts them... it's the sound of running water... and cleanliness. Nods that's what it is.

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Vixen4770 said...

well at least your hair got extra conditioning time.