Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The collar

There is a really funny thread going on over on Fet about how someone would feel about their ex owner's new slave was wearing their old collar. Dear gods that is complicated to follow isn't it? Anyway some of the points touched on are the fact that it's the master's collar, and subsequently his to do with as he pleases... and on and on it goes... right down to the idea that he is a cheap bastard. Most of it is nonsensical might one add.

See the problem is one doesn't get the whole collar thing at all and one speaks as a person sitting here looking at two that have been outgrown and with a third on its very slow way. A state that is entirely due to the postal system not the maker... just wanted to point that out. In fact one is sitting here waiting for it with rather mixed feelings.... mostly comprising of antipathy. On one hand there is the knowledge that the new one will fit better, weigh less and generally be more comfortable. On the other hand is the knowledge that if it doesn't arrive soon one is going to be stuffed back into the old one.

The trouble is all of that is balanced against the fact that one just isn't that thrilled about wearing a collar at all. They are hot, inconvenient, there is a whole collection of antique silver one can't wear 'cos of the damn thing... not to mention one gets to deal with idiots in the know on a daily basis at work. Meh the list goes on... but the bottom line is one would happily bequeath the damn things to anyone who wanted them... whether or not you are sleeping with Him. Not that one is actually allowed to do that. Tried it with the Njoy 2.0... several times... until He put his foot down L

In all of this there is the knowledge that most regard their collar as a huge symbol of something or other significant. It makes them feel something... owned, loved, cherished, acknowledged, worthy... the list goes on. And for the life of one... so don't get it at all. A collar is a practical thing for Him to grab one by... and a nifty way of torturing one small slave. He seems to derive no small pleasure seeing one stuck in the damn thing...
Sighs bad slave L


AnaMuti said...

I haven't romanticized the collar W put on me, so it's become another piece of body art that has become a part of me, like my ankle chain and tat.

The only thing I've noticed is that it's actually putting a dent in my neck. So even if he took the dang thing off I'd still have that dent to remind me, lol.

Vixen B-Ab said...

I avoid mine simply because it always makes me feel like I'm choking. It's beautiful, but I don't need the reminder of my commitment. I'm pretty sure all the reminder I need happens when I first roll over in bed in the morning and there he lays. I know he wishes I wore it more, but to be honest, I don't need to. So, on that note:

*points and laughs*

Master's piece said...

@AnaMuti Yes there is a hell of ding in the neck here as well... more of a shelf actually. Of course when one pointed to it crying abuser, all He did was laugh ~pouts~

@Vixen You are so on iggy

Vixen B-Ab said...

on iggy?