Tuesday, March 20, 2012

He's not funny

Lying next to Him one pointed out he was abusive... see no good ever comes from reading Fet
He asks would you have me any other way.
Pausing for a few seconds one replies, in a dramatic tone, that it has been so long since one felt love or tenderness it's hard to tell
Reaching down to caress one softly, His fingers play across the tender, bruised spot from the other day and go... poke, poke, poke
That's not love
No, but that is tenderness
Yeah, really they are not as funny as they think L


Storm said...

Lol. please don't kick me--it was just a little bit funny.
From over here of course.

Jenna said...

Sounds exactly like something my Master would say/do. Lol. I sympathize. Not too funny when it's me, a little funny when it's another slave. Snicker. Sorry. You have my full permission to kick me if you need too. I can take it <3

Anonymous said...

From over here?

He's quite the card.

(runs quickly out of range)

Master's piece said...

You know He will consider this vindication right?