Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another day at the beach

The day dawned overcast, grey and bitterly cold thanks to the gusting winds. It was in short a perfect day for the roofing crew to turn up en masse to rip off the old fibro roof and replace it with something less hazardous to health. Like many of the older houses around here the roof was made of asbestos. Being by the beach people wanted things that were impervious to the weather and time and, as it turned out, modern medicine.

Needless to say it was something of a relief to flee the house just as they were assembling on the front lawn... even if it was to go to work. He was not so lucky; his arrival coincided with them actually knuckling down to it. His day was filled with the sound of men tramping around overhead and the continual roar of a generator. It was a very sleep deprived man who picked one up at work several hours later.

We sped off home... one of us had the night off and the other one of us has tomorrow off... beams happily... to an early dinner and an even earlier night. There was a perfunctory offer of sex in there... which was turned down in favour of the sleep that was reaching up to claim one's body and managed to keep it for a solid 10 hours. He was not so lucky. His body expected to be a work and was a little unsure of what it was doing in bed at that hour. No doubt He was awake dreaming up mean shit to do to one small slave tomorrow L

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