Monday, July 23, 2012

Paying the piper

Today was the day when we went to do responsible citizen type things... car registration, giving Medicare our bank details and doing taxes. The first one on that list is virtually unavoidable, the second one closes a sweet deal whereby you got reimbursed in cash. Well from their point of view they were losing money in those transactions and not carrying huge cash floats is probably going to reduce their insurance by a hefty margin. Not to mention that big brother now has an extra layer of knowledge about us.

The last item on that list... ah well that is another thing altogether. See in this country you pay tax all year long and then at the end of the financial year you try and claw as much of it back as possible from the tax man. Now a lot of people do their own taxes... personally we are not those people. We trot off to the accountants, bearing reams of paper and receipts, to entertain them with our answers. Do you have any dependants? Well they wouldn't let us claim the cat last year. Has that changed... she's a very difficult cat. Sighs the answer is still no by the way.

We trotted out a short time later, richer on paper than when we went in. Not that the state will last. The credit cards need to be payed off. You know one can't help but wonder where that life of no responsibility is... it's looking better by the minute L


little monkey said...

When you find that life, do share.

I'd even pay a nominal fee for the knowledge.Perhaps in the form of an under the table tip, so as not to raise eyebrows at the tax office next year :)

ancilla_ksst said...

No decisions, no responsibilies- wasn't that what I signed up for? And where is the cake anyway?

lil said...

When you find it, draw us a map!