Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A spark of rebellion...

And how to stamp it out

Taking a purple top out of the miniscule wardrobe and putting it on a hook, one pulled out the boxes of bras. Peering at them one selected a nice bright red one and put it on. Slipping into the top one adjusted the neckline...
He walked into the room, looked at the colour, smiled and said I like you in purple. It was a smug smile of victory.
Reaching for a bag the neckline moved to reveal the red bra...
He laughed and said I see you are still in denial

We scampered out for what was supposed to be a few quick items and ended up as something else altogether... as it does.
See while we were out one noticed that the "Skylanders" games and characters were heavily reduced. It was something one had noticed that He had lusted after quietly, it is the Xbox answer to the Spyro of old, but with toys collectable figurines. He had looked, but resisted up until this point... mainly because He knows what he is like... slightly compulsive.  So turning to Him one asked if he would like it for a combined birthday and Christmas present. He gave one with that look...
Yes, you can have it now... honestly it was easier than listening to the wheedling that would have ensued
So we ran around all over the shopping centre... to come up two characters short.

There is a road trip planned for tomorrow... there is always a road trip L

And the evening was spent with one small slave hopping out of bed every five fucking minutes to change the character on the portal... and it had to be a different character so He could try them out.

I think when you aren't here I will just pop the portal on the end of the bed. It's going to be very frustrating to have to do this all the time.
Yes, yes it is!

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