Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bio diversity

When we started up the group it was meant to be a safe haven for those of us who didn't quite march along to the beat of everyone else's drums. It was a place for us to keep in touch with old friends and make a few new ones. We are such a tiny subset of the BDSM community it was often a case of safety in numbers. Of course as time went on we grew... often at quite alarming rates.
People find what we do interesting... far more interesting that we ourselves actually do one suspects. Generally we find ourselves to be normal to the point of banal. Where other people are out prancing around in leathers and latex we are far more likely to be found at home planning meals and wondering how to shuffle the bills around in the most effective and creative ways.

In spite of this more people drift in, often trying to manoeuvre around in our definitions enough to include their own idiosyncratic lives. Once in a blue moon they drop a random topic in... usually an announcement for some event unlikely to be attended by the O/p crowd, that is a violation of our rules. Then out of the blue they put up a topic that has everything to do with their own obscure worlds and very little to do with that we chat about day after day. Do they bother to include some introductory steps so that others may follow their topics? Oh like hell they do... that would be sensible.

Instead they are surprised when things don't go so well...

Do they realise their mistake and take steps to amend the confusion? Yeah right. They bag the lucky mod that happened to get them on their watch all over Fet... based not on their ruling, which is open to discussion, but on their gender. They cast aspersions on their life in an unrelenting barrage, firmly believing that the best way to get change is to be abusive. Do they think that stop to think for a minute that treating the mod that way is probably not the best way to instigate change? Err... no!

Do they accept the ruling? Oh no... They want a second opinion and then club together to flood anyone who might be sympathetic to their plight crying how they have been wronged and how the subtleties of the question have been overlooked. Yes that's right, they petition the group owner and probably any mod they may know... you have to admire the chutzpah if not the forward planning on that one.

It never seems to occur to them that if they actually acted like the lady, that lofty title they have been self anointed with, and shown some class we might have looked at them more kindly...
Instead we got to view them as the spechul snowflakes that they are...

Bless the inarticulate with chips on their shoulders, for they know not how exhausting they are.


Anonymous said...

I nominated you for the one lovely blog award,


Kitty the Submissive Wife said...

Wow - that last sentence is so correct... it is exhausting dealing with internet pushiness.



Also, ara is right - you do have one lovely blog.