Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bear hugs

It was the end of a long day which culminated with our Tuesday night vanillas. For the next few weeks they are a two income family and it was quite funny listening to his list of must have things... though the Nerf Guns were essential. It's only a temporary thing, but for the next few weeks we will meet on a Sunday, which is damn hard on Him as there is only time for a nap in the afternoon after night shift the night before. Fortunately His body has no real concept of a body clock any more... it's been burnt out by years of erratic sleep patterns L

So there we are in bed, one of us sound asleep and one of us still flitting around, when He says come here. Moving over to His side of the bed one snuggled up. More skin He demanded, pushing one small slave off his beloved doona to lift up an end so one could get under. Other way He said. So one rolled over and snuggled up... which put the arse in a very precarious position. Wrapping His arms around one, he squeezed the breast in a vice like grip, declaring mine!

Laying very still one realised that not only was He going back into a deep sleep, but that he wasn't letting go. Of course the TV was still on and the bedside light was still blazing...
Trying a few experimental wriggles only resulted in the arm tightening more and increasing interest from other parts
Umm... you're going to have to let go
The lights on... please may one turn it off?
The arm lifts fractionally and slams down the minute one makes a move
The lights still on...
The arm lifts again and one flees towards the remotes... to be grabbed by the arse instead.
You're always trying to escape He grumbled.
Just turning off the light. Which one did before escaping back under one's own doona
His hand followed under and one was groped and molested as He went back into a deep sleep.

Sighing one rolled over secure in the knowledge that He would probably not remember any of this in the morning. Mind you it was still better than when He used to wake one up to cuddle under his doona, then roll over taking the damn thing with him leaving one naked, awake and shivering. Those were always special hugs L


Kitty - The Submissive Wife said...

Your sleep patterns appear to mimic ours. :)

ancilla_ksst said...

Ours are just the opposite, although in the same position. Too many mornings there is just enough groping to get me all hot and bothered, then he says "Well, time to get up- go make me breakfast". But, but, but, heeeyyy! Ah, well.

Master's piece said...

They are mean, mean men :(