Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bits and boobs

The day ended with sex. The kind of sex that you know is going to hurt in the morning even more than it hurt at the time. Oh is started innocently enough... a little too much dinner and an offer of a little mutual masturbation. So like a lamb one trotted off after Him, skipping along, unaware of the turn things would take. In hindsight though there were warnings that things would not go according to plans...

It was a day that started with a migraine and was padded in the middle by a snooze to sleep off the effects of the medication for the damn thing. After that we went and saw Spider Man in 3D. And what a feat of endurance that was. Three hours of sitting through something that was not shot completely in 3D so you were stuck in those uncomfortable glasses more than necessary. It was also a movie that left you with the distinct impression that it was made mainly because someone had some spiffy merchandising that they needed to unload. Let's be honest with its bright primary colours S M does appeal to the child in us all... if not our wallets.

We staggered out unsure of why they had made it once again, but convinced it is like compressing a music file. Every time a file is compressed some nuance is lost... in this case the lines that are quintessentially Spider Man. Not to mention that the spiders are no longer radioactive. Yes one gets that genetically altered is more plausible, but it's a super hero movie. How plausible are any of them... just think about Wonder Woman's invisible plane for a minute before answering that J

So feeling disgruntled and both of us with sore arses for a change, we picked up some takeaways and continued back home. Which is where all this started... in bed having sex that began innocently enough...
Lying there masturbating as He was applying a delightful pressure to the nipples... it was fabulous and one was spinning around, spiralling towards a wonderful orgasm that was just ahead of the pain... when His voice whispered in one's ear, ask me to hurt you.
Say what? Where did that come from and why was it even there?
He repeated the phrase and being as one was floating on the edge one complied. That was where it started to go wrong... because He did. The sensation floated along the breast in a searing shot of pain that took the breath away. And just as the orgasm was about to overcome it the voice was back.
Ask for more He crooned

You know that old adage be careful what you ask for? Well it was for these sorts of times...
And then as one was screaming in pain and orgasm, He started to force his way into a tight vagina that is rarely used. It was like being ripped apart from the inside as He pushed and pushed, going deeper and deeper until he came

Laying there panting in the aftermath all one could feel was three points of pain that formed an inverted triangle... fuck that is going to hurt.

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ekho_reborn said...

But I love that kind of soreness, the kind that lingers so you remember every moment the next day...there's something seductive about it :)