Thursday, October 25, 2012

A downward spiral

The day started out with a migraine... never a good beginning. It then involved slightly insane customers, discovering that the last junior with any experience in one's section has just quit right before Christmas and culminated in a one and a half hour trip home on the bus due to traffic. It was now 7pm and there was still dinner, the gym, breakfast and lunch for Him and a myriad assortment of chores to complete, including dishes, before stumbling to bed at 10.30.

Frankly it was a place that one was just grateful to be going to by that stage. And then His dulcet tone rang out, did you see the present I got you?
No, where?
In here He replied
Now He was in the study... like one had had time to go there to even look at the computer let alone do anything else. Trudging back to the study one stopped in the doorway. There hanging on a door was an 'I Dream of Jeannie' costume. There was a nun's costume as well, but it was the pink awfulness of the genie costume that had one transfixed.

Yeah present really doesn't mean what you think it means
I think it will be wonderful hearing you say "yes Master" while wearing that. In fact having you wear that while doing my bidding for a day will be a great gift. Love you He added, in that saccharine tone he uses when about to get his own way... the only acceptable way.
Yeah one has doubts after this. In fact that is another word that one suspects doesn't mean what you think it means.

Fuck you Sydney Sheldon for ever putting that meme into the universe!


ancilla_ksst said...

I swear they are somehow sharing the same brain, half a world away...

Master's piece said...

Oh they all get the same handbook with their decoder rings and one suspects they all get the same bloody joke book as well :(