Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Two little pigs

We were sitting down watching a documentary about the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop (probably most famous for creating the theme music for Dr Who) when He said your breasts are on the play list.
What do you mean?
Look He said, rewinding to the right place. There! Pinky and Perky.
See many years ago the ex named the breasts Pinky and Perky. It was the first and only time any body part has ever had a pet name. She later amended it to Sir Pinkus and Sir Perkus as they grew much bigger, but in their youth they were Pinkie and Perky. And there they were on the screen... their names up in lights so to speak

Huh maybe she named them after some show she saw or heard as a child. The names may have stuck in the subconscious. So off one scampered to the computer to look it up and sure enough there they were. It seems it was a BBC children's program...
Pinky and Perky were named after two animated pigs...

It seems strangely appropriate J

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