Sunday, October 14, 2012

The t-shirt raid

Otherwise known as 'How not to borrow or lend a t-shirt'

It has turned unexpectedly and unseasonably warm, which has been followed by a cold snap... leaving one to scramble around finding something to toss on in the cool... read bitterly cold...  mornings. And where else is a girl to turn if not to His wardrobe? There are t-shirts in there that don't fit Him anymore... one or two of which are at that lovely, soft, broken in (you will note not broken) stage. He noticed what one was up to just as the hand had alighted on a particularly nice feeling one.

What are you doing, He asked in that deeply suspicious tone.
Umm... just looking for something to wear
Umm... 'cos it's cold and...
Why are you looking in my wardrobe?
Well there aren't any in one's own meagre collection.

He made that sort of grumbling, growling sound of extreme reluctance to share.
I know which one you are after He said
Umm... no... 'cos it's in the wash... already checked you see. But this will do one added, triumphantly hauling out the object of the fingers affection.

I haven't worn that t-shirt He howled in protest
No... It doesn't fit yet and it's very thin (He hates thin t-shirts, but had fallen in love with the old style Captain America design on it). In fact it feels positively pre-loved. And any way, at the rate you are losing weight by the time you remember that it is there it will be too big.
By this stage one was busy rubbing little smells all over it...
Stop that! And don't spill things on it! And I don't want it coming back with pokey out bits in the front either.

FFS! The whole point of a t-shirt is that they are stretchy. Besides... 6' blokes t-shirt. How much stretching do you think a 5'4" female is going to do? Even these breasts are not going to make your shirt go out of shape... rolls eyes...
Scorpio's are such bad sharers