Monday, October 15, 2012

Bargains and bonuses

We ended up spending one of our two precious days off in the city with the car. Honestly that car is like a Rottweiler one had many moons ago. She had a massive crush on the vet and would fake an injury to go and see him. The damn dog would limp for a week if necessary and just when you were convinced that she wasn't faking it this time, you would open the car door at the vet's only to watch her bound out of it, muscle his practice door open and run with all the grace that a large dog can muster down the hall to find him. Mind you she also had morning sickness when she had a phantom pregnancy as well... really she was the consummate method actor L

Anyway, back in the city again we trudged... though we did manage to squeeze in catching up with a friend so it wasn't a complete waste... for yet another day. It is really interesting how many businesses that have been around for twenty plus years have just shut up shop. There are shopping centres in the city that are eerily empty... businesses lured away by a brighter, shiny, newer one. Including our regular Yum Cha haunt and frankly the substitute we found was mediocre and expensive. Now generally you will forgive one or the other, but both together is an unpleasant combination L

While there though one did pick up a couple of dresses in wonderful stretch fabrics that will allow one to drop another dress size without losing all shape and some gym clothes on sale 'cos they take a hammering. Between the sweat and the continual washing they have a very short life and one hates spending good money... read way too much money... on something that is designed to fail. However, it was on the trip home that one found an absolute bargain... well two of them to be precise.

The first one was a replacement for the fabulous black and red check skirt that was bought a while back and now falls off. So this means one won't have to completely alter the damn thing... and while it is complete laziness on one small slave's part, it was on sale and frankly one doesn't have time to do the job anyway. The second bargain was this gorgeous dress...
This season there have been a lot of 50's inspired dresses around, which He loves, but the trouble with them is that when they are a perfect fit everywhere else, the damn breasts won't get into them. The dress has the same vintage feel, but because the top is bias cut they fit... squeeee. Of course one was looking at it thinking that is going to feel so cool and floaty and He looked at it and went oh that's fabulous, you will be able to wear stockings and suspenders under it...
How do they always manage to suck the joy out of things?
It's like a special talent L


JustAnotherSub said...

That dress is gorgeous!! Glad you had a good time and found some bargains!

Fondles said...

it's so Purty!!!