Saturday, October 6, 2012

A slave's prayer

The net is full of these prayers... often written in lurid purple prose. This is not one of those. No this is a simple prayer for a company to produce a multivitamin that has been clinically tested and doesn't smell and taste like vomit. Because every morning one has to take a multivitamin that does. And every morning it has to be taken with food, otherwise that newly developed gag reflex does its job with ruthless efficiency. May one just say that while they might taste bad going down, they taste a damn sight worse coming back up.

It has got to the stage that the throat is starting to close up the minute the mouth opens to receive its morning offering. Then there is an ensuing tussle between the will and the reflexes and should the will win that round, it then has to deal with the stomach. It seems that the stomach is even less thrilled to be receiving the pill than the mouth was. Sighs there has to be a better way to supplement than this L


faithful said...

There are multivitamins that are like "Gummies" which are basically like the candy the kids eat , but vitamins. I know they sell tons in the US and are very popular. Are you able to take those?


Master's piece said...

We don't have them for adults here... yet. To be honest one suspects that what makes these taste so bad are some of the extras they contain. Simple things like celery (which are an excellent diuretic for keeping fluid off the joints) and things like Chromium (which is useful in regulating blood sugar levels) and parsley (again used for its diuretic purposes). Unfortunately these things, while useful, do not add to the flavour or smell :(

Fondles said...

Eek i feel you. I can't swallow parseley or celery either. Me no likey. Too pungent for my taste.

Renee Rose said...

Yes, I totally suggest the yummy gummy kind!!!

And I think it's a sign when your throat closes up that your body's saying no way. Maybe that particular vitamin isn't right for you... :)

ancilla_ksst said...

I take children's gummy vitamins too. They have a slight vitamin smell, but mostly taste like candy. Yum!