Monday, October 8, 2012

He broke it

We have a very compressed weekend this week and so with that in mind He was determined to get as much sex in as possible. To the extent that one was hustled to the bedroom rather than the gym that was being aimed for at the time. Now don't get one wrong as keen on the gym though one is, sex is still more attractive. Subsequently the struggles were kinda feeble... mind you 5'4" is only so effective against 6'... even if it is an aggressive 5'4".

That was how one found oneself being sodomised at 9 am. Something that the arse was more than cooperative to be might one add. It is strange how sometimes the arse is just so relaxed and unresisting... it just opened up and let Him in. And stayed that way after He came and then continued to pound his way along its length... his cum providing lube in his explorations towards another orgasm.
It was not in that obliging mood an hour later when He had another run at it. The nipples weren't so happy either. In fact they were both lodging complaints after our orgasms.

Actually the nipples were very hand shy for the rest of the day. A fact that He just seemed to regard as a cute and fun challenge as he actively hunted them at every opportunity L
The arse was far more proactive. It just shut the gates and barricaded the door. In fact one pointed out that He had broken it.
So does that mean that it is ready to be used at any moment? He asked
No it means you have broken it
Yes so it's ready He persisted
Umm... think you might be confusing broken in and broken
He laughed. It was not a pleasant laugh. In fact one suspects that it doesn't bode well for the arse at all L


Kitty the Submissive Wife said...

Its true that some times things are more relaxed than other times. I haven't figured out the exact combination to that lock. If you do, let us know.

Fondles said...

yes and i realise will has NOTHING to do with it.

i can feel totally willing to let Roger in the back but sometimes my own body retaliates at me.

at other times i have found myself wondering if it's a good idea and Roger has no problem getting in there at all. #myarseisatraitor

ancilla_ksst said...

How come some of them seem to think that the saying "If you break your toy you don't get to play with it" doesn't apply to them?

On the practical matters, we don't have anal sex as often as some, about once a week (Three holes Thursday in fact). I don't have the secret key to making it easy every time, but I do know, that having an orgasm just as he goes in is the way to make it painful every single time. Ow.