Sunday, October 7, 2012

Arrows and strings

We were lying in bed discussing what we were having for our free meal tomorrow... well one of them at any rate. At the moment there is a yen for a pie. It is something one gets a yen for maybe once a year at most, but at this moment in time the thought of all that fat and flavour is very tempting. The only trouble is deciding which one.

As one was running though the possibilities that He interjected to say, well you can choose your own tomorrow when you come with me. The attraction of the pie decreased ten fold... at least. In fact there might have been some twisting and whining that ensued... hate going in the car on food runs... which is an illogical response in someone who likes to eat, but there you are... complicated J

He listened to the reasons why one couldn't accompany him and then said you can come with me dressed in your choice of clothes or mine.
The visions danced through the head... none of them were stylish or seemly.
You know a good master has more than one string to his bow... you really need something in your repertoire other than threats and coercion. See time on Fet is never wasted... the place is veritable treasure trove of wisdom J

OK He retorted, saccharine dripping from his tone, you can come with me dressed however you like.

One lay there next to him wondering out loud why it is that our talks never go quite the way that Fet would lead one to believe they should, all the while silently calculating the odds and outcomes... none of them were good. The threat might have been implicit rather than explicit, but it had still been there in the tone. In spite of that one did consider the statement on its own merit. And to be honest the statement wasn't as good without the threat back up. Sighs some of us are just more comfortable with the carrot and stick approach otherwise we are just going to snatch the carrot and make a run for it.

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