Thursday, January 24, 2013

A horse by another name

Showing up on the feeds over at Fet was a fascinating little debate about whether or not you can have a M/s relationship without all that boring obedience stuff. Now people fall into two distinct camps; the "of course you can call your relationship whatever you want to call it" and the "you can call it whatever you like, but it isn't M/s" camp. It is all very predictable... rather like who is showing up in which camp in some ways. Needless to say those on the friends list sit firmly in the second category... as an INTJ one does lean towards pedants J

What is interesting about the debate, to one small slave at any rate, is at what point can you no longer call a relationship M/s? Is it when you actually haven't met? Is it when you do not reside together? Is it when you have removed key features of it out... things like obedience, dominance, control or x? If we can make these relationships whatever we want, then where do we draw the line?

Chatting to Him it was soon apparent that where his line was placed was in a very different spot from one's own. He acknowledged online relationships, whereas one small slave thinks that there is a vast difference between online and having someone in your grill 24/7. As one pointed out most that do move in soon concede there is a huge adjustment period due to that very thing. But maybe the divergence between us is that from a master's point of view, there isn't so much of a difference as there is from a slave's.

They are still issuing orders that are being obeyed... prepared to give the benefit of the doubt here and assume that both parties are being honest in their dealings with each other... and that the relationship doesn't end the minute that the computer screen is turned off. There is still the opportunity to delve into someone's mind to make little tweaks and subtle changes. The levels of adoration are still the same... in fact it may be more intense due to that not being in their grill thing... bad, bad slave for suggesting such a thing J

Meh these are the things that slip around the mind during morning mouse. As always there are more questions than answers...
It's all your fault...


ancilla_ksst said...

M/s without obedience is like making tea without the tea leaves. Just some hot water. Maybe with lemon.

Master's piece said...

You! You were one of those responsible for this ;)