Sunday, January 6, 2013

Self inflicted

Coming home from the gym at 6.30 pm one found Him, sound asleep on the couch, hands tucked neatly under his chin. His eyes fluttered open...
Hey there, why don't you go to bed?
He peered at one blearily...
Oh right, you will be awake at 3 am
And so will you, as I fuck you in the arse repeatedly He said, leering up at one in a suggestive manner
Sighing with exasperation one suggested a shower to perk Him up

It seemed to work... He pressed one into the bathroom wall as he went past...
Oh no you don't one said, slipping out of His grasp. Otherwise you will cum and be asleep in five seconds flat
But I won't care...
And I won't be alone when I'm awake either, He retorted
Sighs with resignation... no good is going to come of this attitude... well not for one small slave at any rate L

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