Monday, January 14, 2013

Walking on sunshine

It was one of those days when you just have to leave the house or kill each other. The weather has been abominably hot for a couple of weeks, there is often little in the way of a breeze and when it is present it just drives a heavy pall of smoke over the entire bay area. Needless to say we woke up tired, grumpy and fractious. Well one of us was all three... He is rarely grumpy.

So it was decided to go out for Yum Cha... 'cos let's be honest someone wheeling food past is always a cheering sight... and go on to do some clothes shopping. An idea that we will return to, just as soon as one has finished waxing lyrical about those little bits of sunshine known as custard tarts. They are always the best thing about Yum Cha... the secret is to grab them when they come past otherwise they never reappear when you need them. And make no mistake they are a need.

They are the perfect combination of an egg custard that is firm yet moist and flaky pastry that is so sweet it just dissolves on the tongue. Unfortunately when on a low carb diet they have the effect of hitting the system like rocket fuel...
In fact one sat at the table with a sugar buzz that made the light almost too bright for a few minutes.
But they are so worth it J

It was in that happy state that one was taken away to go shopping for clothes... for HIm. Now generally men do not like clothes shopping. Masters are no exception it would seem. The difference is that one got to trot along behind Him carrying an assortment of bags... and damn some of them were heavy... while he fingered fabrics, whined about the quality and finish and generally looked like someone was out to rob him. The annoying thing was that most of this probably won't fit Him or stay up without a belt in the next couple of months... it's not like he is going to have a long term relationship with any of it.

You know three hours of that process killed any happy sugar buzz... dead in the water. In fact all one could do was think about coffee... preferably jacked straight into a vein. Maybe with a portable device, like they use in hospitals for fluids, so it could be put on a steady drip
And best of all one knows that it will have to be done again... probably in the nearish future

Wonders idly if next time the tarts could be packed up for transportation... wuffling through sugary crumbs would have to reduce the ennui of standing outside of changing rooms for hours, surely?


ancilla_ksst said...

It would definitely make waiting for him to shop more fun. You could pack a to-go box.

Ps. It was 3 degrees F here last night.

Anonymous said...

The fact that I am writing this post after consuming two generous glasses of wine, and having eaten half a loaf of the most delicious homebaked sourdough bread all by my little lonesome, precludes any comment on your lusting after tarts. Plank in my own eye, and all that (she waves her hand dismissively).

We can debate the evils of carbs later.

Master's piece said...

Three degrees... oh that is just cruel :(

@themonkey Just say there was butter lavished on that bread and let one live vicariously through you ;)