Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Doc Johnson: Glass wand

This was picked up a while back and like so many toys sat in a box unnoticed. It was rediscovered while ratting around in aforementioned box trying to find something else. Hauling it to the light one thought this might be interesting as a shape and looking at it one suspects it was designed as a g-spot stimulator, though it would probably work just as well on the prostrate. Best of all it is just the right size for an anal toy, for someone who doesn't have the household motto of "go big or go home".

Besides the box was entertaining in its own right...
Named the Serenity and described as "sensual glass" with a "two ended spherical form" that "allows for rolling pleasure and smooth deep insertion"...
Cough, cough whatever where they taking at the time of writing that blurb and why didn't it come in the box too? Scampers off to double check the packaging...
Sighs no luck

The implement:
  • Glass
  • Measures 18 cm (7") long from end to end
  • Small head is about 3 cm (1 1/8") in diameter
  • Large head is about 4 cm (1 5/8") in diameter

The pros:
  • Choice of end sizes so you can gently stretch things open
  • Easy to clean
  • Smooth surface always makes an easy insertion

The cons:
  • The curve is just the wrong shape to get it all the way in the arse. It stops about an inch short... but that is probably not an issue for most. In fact it would probably give some a sense of security as there is no fear of losing it J


ancilla_ksst said...

My motto is definitely not "go big or go home" in that area. LOL

Master's piece said...

Skite :P

Kitty for Mr. Woods said...

Very nice! Thanks for sharing!