Sunday, January 27, 2013

Slave proposes, Master disposes

He was sitting on the couch, looking rather hot in his button fly jeans... what is it about button flies that work so much better than the far more utilitarian zip... as one sat there idly rubbing his erection through the rather thin denim with a naked foot. Smiling at Him one said why don't we get out of these clothes, go and have a quick shower and umm... you take one to bed for a little oral sex?
So off we scampered together...

Now this is where the happily ever after ending or in this case the happy ending should go, but of course our life is never quite that simple...

We are lying in bed, one of us with legs spread akimbo, when a persistent arrhythmic banging, graunching noise... a noise not caused by us... made a presence.
See we are in the middle of a cyclone at the moment... not the worst one ever, but certainly more noticeable than some. For a change it was bad enough that the awning on our window sounds like Mother Nature is trying to rip the damn thing off and take half the wall with it.
He of course was undeterred by the fact that the room sounded like the inside of a drum... why is it during sex too much audio stimulus will kill any chance of an orgasm for one of us while the other, who can't tune out the sound of muzak in a lift, can carry on undeterred?

And carry on He did. Raising one up onto all fours, He proceeded to deliver the longest, slowest, most painful fucking in the history of our time together. It was painful because that extra inch now hits the cervix, or rather the scar where it used to be. He amused himself by creating little rhythms of pain. Slip, slip, bang. Jab, jab, jab, and slam. In the end the body did the only thing it could and embraced the pain... blocking out the noise long enough to cum in a screaming orgasm.

Afterwards He rolled over to sleep while the other one of us spent an evening on the couch by candle light... 'cos the power went out... for more hours than there were candles L

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Conina said...

Mmmmmm button flies. :)