Friday, January 4, 2013

Crossing to the dark side

There is a whole side of our workplace that one avoids. In fact that side makes one cringe and feel dirty just walking by. Unfortunately that side of the room is very popular at this time of the year, so one ends up on it in spite of one's best endeavours to avoid it. Customers make one go there... they know not what they ask.

See after the Christmas excess and when all the bad foods have gone, peoples' thoughts turn to other things... getting rid of the weight. More importantly women, in particular, want something to do the job fast... preferably without diet and exercise. They don't want to make the time to change their lives, they want instant gratification. In other words they want a miracle.

In this day and age the snake oil salesman is alive and well... and living on that side of the wall. See all along that wall are pills and potions promising the solution of your problems. And these companies promise you the earth and the moon and the stars. There are things that claim to speed up the metabolism, things to flush out and detox the body, things to make people thinner, more comely, more worthy and loved.

So here is the thought for the day... before you give them your money.... have a look at the ingredients. You will find they feature caffeine in all its many forms. Why? Well it suppresses your appetite and gives you more zip. And they can't put amphetamines in their products anymore, so caffeine is the next best thing.

Oh it might be disguised as Chocolate, Green Tea or Guarana... hell often times you might find all three side by side along with added caffeine. If you are lucky there might even be some fibre to help you feel fuller for longer. And for the pleasure of making your heart race, either as a side effect to their ingredients or as a response to their slick ad campaigns, they will charge you a goodly sum.

Honestly you would have just as much luck with a fibre supplement, a good cup of coffee and a brisk walk around the block. It would set you back a lot less as well L


ancilla_ksst said...

I get my caffeine the tasty old fashioned way- coffee! It hasn't ever helped me lose weight though.

Master's piece said...

That's because you're doing it wrong ;)

c said...

I've heard somewhere that one is supposed to eat right and exercise in order to lose weight... But I'm sure I'm doing it wrong too. :-)

Master's piece said...

@c To be honest one is starting to suspect that it isn't as simple as exercise and eating. And that is probably a blog post in its own right. You have been warned ;)