Friday, January 25, 2013

You fucker

No, not Him for a change.
We have a local bus that runs from here to there, stopping at the three shopping centres on the way. Now its final destination is good shopping, not that one uses it very often as it takes nearly an hour and a half to get there. On the way though it does go to a pretty decent shopping centre and one has been known to scamper there for some quiet girl time... or to buy the odd present for Mr. Snoopy.

Well in their infinite wisdom they have decided that the new route will bypass the quasi decent shops and run through their new terminal.

Now to get to the shops you have to walk a rather large block, all up hill, in our Australian sun. Not for the feint hearted or those in heels. Nor, for that matter, simple if you are elderly as the distance is a bit of a challenge. And the return leg is just as special, 'cos laden down with your bags you have to struggle along for the reverse journey. Again, beastly if you are young and way more so if you are elderly. Not to mention if you work there, which many do, you now have to contend with the elements like rain and oh yes the best bit... a rather long walk in low lighting to stand at a station miles away from help of any kind

It was a topic that the bus driver was happy to chat to one woman about...
His sterling bit of advice? Well you can get off at the deviation and catch the local bus... that will go right to the door.
Yes that's right... you can now catch two buses to get to your work or shops... and we can just imagine how well they will sync up can't we? And they wonder why more don't use public transport... it's 'cos the transport never goes where you want it to L

In all of this though one small slave is quietly mournful...
Being able to hop on that bus was the tiny bit of freedom and independence one had left... and now it has gone in a blaze of stupidity cost cutting improvements
Sighs it's like when they improve your breakfast cereal... 

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