Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Promises, promises

Hands hauling one up onto knees was what rudely awoke one small slave... though in truth it was about the third or fourth time for the morning. It was so damn hot that one had kept waking up and already the head was muzzy and the temper short. What fucking time is it?
About 5 am... you have time to go back to sleep
No, not really, have to be up at 6.
Why? We aren't going out until 8
Yeah and you will want breakfast, a shower, the bed needs to be stripped... and you will have to sort out what you are wearing... it all takes time
Muttering obscenities one watched Him roll over and dive into a deep post coital sleep...

Lying there one cursed that He has no sense of time, nor any understanding of the delicate process that is getting two people out a door together... preferable both showered and fed. In the end one gave up and got up.
The head was muzzy from lack of sleep and the heat and worst of all...
There was to be no morning mouse
So one small cranky dragonshrew sat nursing a cup of hot water... the steam helped the sinuses if nothing else... and cursed Him some more

See there was no caffeine because we were booked in for fat tests to see how we were going. He had smirked as he delivered the no caffeine blow. And frankly this morning one needed that mouse... beyond bad. So it was a still sulky slave that got into the car and was driven to have electrodes attached to skin while they zapped one with a current to see how much fat was left to go. It was also when they delivered the crippling blow... one has shrunk to a 162 cm or about 5' 3". That means that one is officially short. It also explains why the 7/8 purple trousers that followed one home yesterday were a perfect length... without the usual surgery to remove enough fabric for a small waistcoat L

On the bright side the fat levels are well within the normal range for the age and the muscle exceeds the normal range for the age... actually any age. All those years exercising seem to have paid off in unexpected ways.
Now if they could have just delivered the news over a nice, strong cup of coffee the morning wouldn't have been so bad...


ancilla_ksst said...

No coffee? That is truly a tragic day.
Now I'm wondering if I have shrunk at all- all these years of telling people I am 5' 2" and now I might be shorter?

BTW, congrats on being so fit and muscley- you look awesome!

Master's piece said...

Thank you :D
Apparently we start shrinking waaay earlier than was supposed. And no, it has nothing to do with all that load bearing weight as one whit suggested -.-