Saturday, January 12, 2013


His hand snaked up to pinch a nipple as one stood next to him trying to read something on the computer screen
Stop that!
His hand reached out to repeat the act
No! Stop that! That is so damned annoying.
His hand aimed for the other nipple...
You don't respect one's boundaries at all
You don't get to have any boundaries, He replied with a laugh
Of course one does. It's just that you just run rough shod over them or ignore them completely
He laughed...
And lunged for the nipples again



ancilla_ksst said...

Smiling, and remembering the old days, when I did used to have boundaries and get to slap his hand away... seems like a long time ago now.

Master's piece said...

Oooh you got to slap? Has a small jealous