Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Small evils

I really want to see the Hobbit, he announced as one was getting ready to go to an early morning dental appointment... what the hell was one thinking when making that appointment... finish a grocery list, sling on a load of laundry and rediscover the kitchen bench that one did remember was there yesterday. How does that happen? One minute it is there, nice and clean, and the next it has been buried under a pile of receipts, electronic gear... glares at the progenitor... and assorted bits and pieces.
Umm... does that have to be done this week?
Well it is probably on its last weeks and I want to see it in 3D He replied
Well perhaps you could check the times one said, heart sinking quietly with dancing visions of no house work getting done

How do you feel about going to Stafford He asked
Well they have the new screens that are capable of handling a better picture, said the geek with better than 20/ 20 vision
Of course they do... and it is only half way across town
Or we could go to Chermside; they have much better seats He said, moving through the options
Thinking about how long the movie was likely to be one put in a small vote for comfort

So there we are, nestled in what are surprisingly comfortable seats, only to make an uncomfortable discovery. Those shorter skirts that He prefers allow way too much access to nimble, probing fingers... and there is no fabric to hide under L
Orcs are attacking... so are fingers.
Shift in seat...
The party is travelling along a narrow path hugging the mountain side... so are the bloody fingers.
Sighs honestly at the end of that movie one felt like one had been scampering along with the characters

It was a good movie though J


Anonymous said...

I went and seen it 2. I enjoyed it DH was disappointed he wanted to see the dragon lol

Master's piece said...

There is bound to be more dragon in the next one :D