Friday, February 15, 2013

A lot about nothing

On the twelfth day of holidays... somewhat more hesitant in tone... the twoo love... actually He was fairly blameless...

It was one of those sorts of days... completely uneventful. Even the weather was sort of nothing special, being grey and not too hot. We went out for groceries and pottered around and took too much time achieving nothing in particular... though one did manage to find some glue to fix an old leather jacket that has sat in the wardrobe long enough to become not only vintage, but fashionable again. Still cannot work out how it managed to hang around in the wardrobe of a ruthless annual culler. It was probably because it has lived in His mother's wardrobe for the past fifteen years.  

A rather spectacular lingerie set arrived via post...
You know as an aside the most expensive thing about this weight loss has been replacing bras. There is a bag of them waiting to go to good will, many of them still with tags. Some of them we managed to find in smaller sizes, but many of them are parts of sets that no longer fit.
... in spite of one saying no new underwear until the weight stabilises. It is very pretty though... flutters with pleasure J

We went to our vanillas for coffee. They are well having both lost about nine kilos each... her mother is now on the diet, his mother is on the diet and now IBS free, his brother has lost 13 kilos and is thrilled, his sister has just started it and one of her brothers wants to try it. Honestly He is like a disease vector... though unlike the common cold people seem to be happy to be infected by Him. The evening ended up very late and we crawled home... in fact one of us ended up asleep before He even got to bed...
As one said it was all very eventful... and nothing special J

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