Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fear as a deterrent

There is an interesting thread in the group at the moment about fear and its place in our relationships. Now some do not think fear is a healthy thing, but like some of the other respondents one thinks that there is a difference between fear and living in fear. Having lived with someone who caused one to live in fear, one can say they sure don't feel the same at all.

In this relationship though one has a very healthy fear of Him and what he can do. Without it one would have no brakes... He would be run over with lightning speed. Ask any of the ex's, they can attest to one's... casual disregard for their boundaries. He always smirks and says fear breeds respect... usually when one has pulled up short of his toes.

He stands there watching the look on one's face, as the war to commit atrocities upon his personage vies with the desire to stay intact rages there... and knows that fear is what holds one back from the worst excesses. It is the same look on His face that a farmer gets when he knows his fences will hold true. Sort of a grim satisfaction...


ancilla_ksst said...

LOL- thinking of the look on my face when I know my fences will hold true. It's more sort of a "OMG is that sheep going to break it's neck running into the fence that way or not?" look of panic.

Master's piece said...

LOL Maybe He has more faith in one's common sense than first supposed ;)