Saturday, February 16, 2013

Just our luck

On the thirteenth day of holidays... sounding mildly pissed off... the twoo love... er... we will get back to Him

We both woke late... very late indeed. In fact the morning had almost ended. And we were both feeling none the refreshed for the lateness of the hour, might one add. If anything we looked a little rugged around the edges.

So being not fit company one pulled apart the wardrobes to make room for the new clothes and ruthlessly cull things that didn't fit. There is nothing quite so satisfying as tossing things out of a wardrobe because they are too big... except maybe tossing things out of His wardrobe. In fact one even went through things like stockings... only to find the bastards have changed the tops of one's favourite opaques and now they no longer stay up. Fuckers!
You know as an aside there has been a small complication to the skirts being hiked up. Stocking have to be switched out in favour of pantyhose... something He is less than fond of. Should have thought about that shouldn't He J

Confronted with such surliness He sent one to bed. For a nap! Like a small, truculent child one was packed off for a sleep to restore the humours. Actually what He said was...
Then we can do something fun like tie you up and I can have my wicked way with you
Sitting there one stared at Him, looking rather like a rabbit in headlights. Dear gods He said that out loud. It was just asking for it inviting grief...
And sure enough one woke up feeling not only blah, but with the beginnings of a migraine. He cursed us L

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