Sunday, February 10, 2013

Emulating our simian cousins

On the seventh day of holidays... same ditty, less good humour... the twoo love amused... well, mostly Himself

As one has mentioned in the past He is tall... about 6' and thanks to the diet, developing rather long limbs. Well it's more that with the fat being stripped off the muscle that you notice that they are long. It's a bit like how He looks taller now that he weighs less. Perception is a fascinating thing sometimes and how the eye tells little fibs is interesting to say the least, but that is something for another time. This is about how like many with long limbs He has toes that match... they are long and as one discovered sitting on the couch, rather prehensile.

We were sitting on the couch watching Grimm... well more catching up with the season... when all of a sudden there is a searing pain in the nipple. He was laying there like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth and apparently unmoved from his supine position. It took one a minute to work out what He had doneHe had reached out with those toes and pinched the nipple in the same vice like grip that his fingers produce
You know it was bad enough that one always had to keep a wary eye out for those fingers... and hands... and teeth, but now it's the toes as well?
Mutters one small slave demands sanctuary... now if someone could just direct one to the appropriate place? 

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dancingbarez said...

They are always keeping us on our toes aren't they?