Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday's child is...

Traditionally Tuesday's child is full of grace and thinking about the day, nothing could have been further from the truth. It was one of those days when nothing goes quite according to plan. He woke late, due to the vitally important quest to acquire mercenary armour, and we went to the gym for a run. By the time we got back it was after nine o'clock and we needed to go grocery shopping after breakfast. In reality it was nearly two by the time we made it out the door. Not sure where the time went exactly, but some of it was spent curled up on a couch in pain due to the stomach going no, quite firmly, to a snack. It would seem it doesn't like the goji berries in a protein bar after exercise L

It was heading towards six by the time we got back home... now some of that time can be accounted for. None of it was terribly graceful though... anyone who has ever got out of jean to try on skinny jeans can attest to that. There is a lot of wriggling in very confined spaces... and one of the sides of the space is a curtain that leads to an outside world. Needles to say the process involves trying to keep the arse as far away from that as the contorting is going on. Add boots to that picture... yeah not graceful L

We arrived home to an announcement from His little school chum that he has finished the food prep and what time do we want him to come over and cook? We were under the impression... and frankly so were the other messages back and forth to the friend yesterday... that we were meant to be going there for dinner. We surveyed the schmozzle of grocery shopping, bags and breakfast dishes scattered across the kitchen bench and said oh 6.30-7? Which as anyone knows is code for closer to 7 and would give us time to run around and clean up. His friend arrived on the dot of 6.30... to find one naked and in the middle of dishes. The scuttling that his arrival caused was definitely not graceful... by any standard L

So yes... Tuesday... not a lot of grace going on at all J

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ancilla_ksst said...

Well, I'll share my little graceless mishap of a few moments ok.
So, first the kid barfed in a trash can. That was bad enough. Then smart (ha) me decides to take the bag liner out of the trash can and move it to the main trash can.

Of course the liner had a hole in it, and guess what happened? All over the kitchen floor. I had to mop and bleach everything.