Saturday, February 9, 2013

On why cars are unsafe vehicles

On the sixth day of holidays... sung with less whine and more surprise... the twoo love reprogrammed me...

We are driving along, one of uncomfortably shoved in a denim belt with a zip mini and one of us looking smug. There are no prizes for guessing which was which by the way, so don't ask. His hand reaches out to caress the inner, and very exposed, thigh and he murmurs I do like this skirt on you. Those long fingers of His explore above the hem line, sliding between naked lips, as he caresses back and forth, round and round...
And it was feeling oh so good... so very, very good

Suddenly the brain engages and one realises what He is doing. Exclaiming stop that, one snatches back the traitorous body part from His grasp, while endeavouring to pull that useless bit of fabric further down. So awake up to what you are doing. You're trying to make good associations with this skirt and are using sex to do it. You know, one of us is on to your Jedi mind tricks.

But it doesn't make it any less effective He says, smirking.
His hand slides back to where it had been and it wasn't on the bloody gear stick where it was meant to be L


José María Souza Costa said...

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themonkeysjourney said...

Did he also buy you a purple belt, uh, I mean skirt?

ancilla_ksst said...

One hand on the wheel, one hand on the slave. LOL very popular driving technique here too. At least we don't have a stick shift, er, manual transmission, er there is just no way to make that not sound dirty in context.

Master's piece said...

@Jose Maria Souza Costa Greetings from sunny Australia :D

@the little monkey Unfortunately it seems that purple is not such a hot colour this season. Tries to look suitably mournful

@ancilla_ksst No there isn't... but it was fun watching you try :D

nzrubber said...

Problem solved:

You're welcome :)

nzrubber said...

Also, tsk tsk, both hands should be on the steering wheel so as to be able to react faster if something is hit which causes the wheels to turn (e.g. pothole or debris on the road). Of course, when stopped at an intersection, then it is entirely appropriate for fingers to go wandering -- recommended, even, to make up for all that time they had to be looking after the steering wheel.

Master's piece said...

@nzrubber Stop. Helping. LOL