Saturday, February 2, 2013

At what point?

She hopped on the bus... no mean feat in the high heels let alone at her age... immaculately turned out. From the top of her beret...
That was an odd choice thinking about it, considering that it is the middle of summer. In fact the sky was so clear and such a bright blue that the only blemish in the miles of visual perfection was the moon, still clearly visible. Still it did suit the ensemble.
... to the tip of those high heels she sported a bold fashion statement. What caught one's attention though were the leggings. To be honest one has never seen someone her age (probably late 60's) wearing them with high heels and a short top and it did make one wonder; at what age should a woman stop wearing leggings?

Don't get one wrong she was in fabulous shape, probably an ex dancer at a guess and probably still exercising, and she could put an ensemble together. But it did make one wonder is there is a time when a woman should stop wearing such revealing clothes... and when is it? And who decides these things? Peers around furtively and whispers 'cos round here it seems to be Him and that being the case then one small slave has cause for concern L

Now it is no secret that one believes that at some point one will be too old to have a blog that sports quite so much nudity. He has always laughed and said never... actually he suggested holographic images... shudders quietly. And that conversation left one still undecided if it is really granny porn if the star has never actually given birth... but one digresses... 'cos this is all about clothes.

Growing up the worst sin you could commit... other than mixing prints and florals of course... was looking like mutton dressed up as lamb. It was one of those things that caused a flurry of disapproval faster than a fox can go through a hen house. It left an indelible print on the psyche in spite of growing to realise that Anne Summers was right... women are the enforcers of social morality. That phrase might have been (allegedly) coined by a man, but it went on to be the battle cry of women... and used against other women.

All that knowledge doesn't stop one from leaning towards well cut clothes that are somewhat conservative in their taste and age appropriate. This preference seems to clash awkwardly with His taste in clothing, which seems to run in the direction of teenage hooker. Looking at the woman one couldn't help but feel that one small slave was having a looking glass moment... quite literally in this case... into the future.
It was all very disturbing indeed... 

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Anonymous said...

I think it just depends on the woman and how she views herself